Message from the President: Bison E.N.G.A.G.E.

Photo of Kandace - HUAA President

Dear Howard Alumni,

Like many of you, I was introduced to the term "servant leader" while matriculating at Howard University.  As a freshman I remember walking on the yard and being enamored with the culture of leadership and excellence around me. Starting with student leaders, such as the Campus Pals and HUSA, to staff in various offices on campus (s/o to all the clutch advisors in Student Accounts), and all the dynamic professors I encountered, who showed me grace while holding me accountable during an extremely impressionable time. It wasn't lost on me that leaders emerged at many stages, and each of these campus entities played an indelible role in my success during my tenure at Howard University. These first experiences at The Mecca shaped me as a burgeoning young woman, and that term, notion, and life approach has stuck with me. It continues to drive my desire to serve others in my daily interactions, and serve our Alma Mater. But I know I am not and cannot do this alone.

In noting that excellence in Truth and Service is reflected in all that we do, I am confident that this year will be no different. The last few years have been challenging for the Bison community, but perseverance and persistence prevailed. I am excited for the freshmen who are about to embark on their 'walk' and journey as Bison. I am encouraged by the next generation of Howard leaders who are currently on campus making their mark and positioning themselves as global changemakers. 

With all that is happening in the world around us, it is even more dire that the Howard University Alumni community carry out its mission of promoting the University as an institution of academic excellence and creating and maintaining an environment that encourages alumni participation through volunteerism and financial support.

This administration's platform Bison E.N.G.A.G.E (Engage, Network, Give, Assess, Galvanize, and Excellence) embodies the University's current strategic plan of moving #HowardForward. Our six-point plan focuses on and addresses the need for the alumni association leadership to develop creative ways to engage and sustain multigenerational alumni, to collaborate and partner with the university administration, and provides action strategies for alumni, students, and friends of Howard University to support our Alma Mater.

I am looking forward to working with you all with steadfast commitment to the university's core values of leadership, excellence, truth and service.

Be well!

Yours in Truth and Service,

Kandace L. Harris, Ph.D.


Please send all correspondence for Officers, Regional Chairs and Representatives to:

Howard University Alumni Association
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