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A Howard Forward Vision

Dear Howard Alum:

It was not that long ago that I stepped onto Howard’s “Hilltop” as a freshman from Georgia full of Freshman anticipation. Drew Hall, the Quad and the Yard were filled with students of every hue. We were at the starting gate of a brand-new school year and we were ready to make our mark.

Every year since I have fostered a sense of hopeful expectancy as summer draws to a close and a new year begins at “The Mecca.” This year is no exception.

For the first time in our history we are greeting a new class of students in a virtual world. Yet they have the same unbridled passion that we all had when we joined the Howard community. Howard’s aim is to “develop scholars and professionals who drive change and engage in scholarship that provides solutions to contemporary global problems, particularly ones impacting the African Diaspora.”

Now, more than ever it is vital that our alumni community ensure that Howard is successful in hitting that target. It is time to move Howard Forward.

No doubt the world is changing. The magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic, race relations, and a national election in which our own Howard Alum, Senator Kamala Harris is on the Democratic ticket for Vice-President require the continued excellence, leadership, service and truth that are central to the mission of Howard University.

In alignment with the Howard Forward campaign, the University and the Howard University Alumni Association are partnering to boost engagement and foster connectivity with Alumni and the broader Howard University community. To this end, we have a new model for HUAA. The goals are to increase opportunities for the Bison Community to engage with the University, students and fellow alumni to promote the Howard brand and to provide a friction-less path towards involvement and fundraising for the University and our students.

Be well and stay safe!

Yours in Truth and Service,

Charlie Lewis
President, Howard University Alumni Association

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