Your Dollars at Work - February 2022

Your Dollars at Work

Kennedy Chastang, HU Sophomore

Pre-Med Major, Spanish Minor

My high school, just outside of Detroit, was predominantly white. When people looked at me, they didn’t see Kennedy — they saw a Black person, and all of the stereotypes that come along with the color of my skin.

I applied to Howard because I wanted the exceptional education of one of the country’s finest HBCUs. And I wanted to be among people who are dismantling racist systems in the United States and beyond.

As a Karsh-STEM scholar, I’m on the Pre-Med track – and I plan to continue working towards a Ph.D. My goal is to do both clinical practice and research at a teaching institution so I can help foster the next generation of Black doctors. I plan to focus on infectious diseases to benefit millions of people around the world.

Here at Howard, I see my people at their best and at their worst. It’s rare to be able to come as you are and be accepted for that – but Howard makes that a reality. Howard has provided me with the scholarship, community, and connections that will sustain my entire career.

Thanks to you and so many generous Howard supporters, I walk with my head held higher. I know at Howard, there’s a community of fellow students, teachers, and staff who are all rooting for me to succeed.


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