The Emergency Scholarship Fund

Bison helping Bison

About the Emergency Scholarship Fund

The Emergency Scholarship Fund at Howard University serves as a critical lifeline for students facing financial barriers that threaten their ability to continue their education or graduate.  This need-based scholarship provides timely assistance to students who may otherwise be forced to interrupt their studies due to an outstanding balance on their account.  By alleviating the immediate financial burden, the Emergency Scholarship Fund empowers students to remain enrolled, persist through challenges, and ultimately achieve their academic goals. 

The impact of the Emergency Scholarship Fund extends far beyond providing short-term financial relief; it significantly enhances retention rates, persistence rates, and graduation rates at Howard University.  By addressing financial emergencies promptly, the scholarship enables students to stay on track academically, increasing the likelihood of degree attainment.  Furthermore, by facilitating timely graduation, the fund contributes to the University's overall success in producing skilled graduates prepared to make meaningful contributions to their communities.  It's worth noting that this impactful initiative is primarily funded by the generous support of Howard University alumni through the Howard University Alumni Association, underscoring the enduring committment of Bison alumni to the success and well-being of current and future generations of students.