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Alumni Groups

In cities across the globe, alumni affinity groups and clubs help connect you to your alma mater.

Groups and clubs bring together alumni in locations around the world. Graduates, alumni and friends link together with others in the same region; or, that have common educational backgrounds or interests. Alumni in all groups enjoy sharing the Howard University experience among themselves and with future students.

In 2019, there will be more opportunities to participate and engage. Please stay tuned and as always, contact the Department of Alumni Relations for questions about your participation.

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Howard University Alumni Association

HUAA provides a direct pathway for you to be a part of the progress and future of Howard University. Your membership affords you numerous benefits including direct access to a growing powerful network of alumni, opportunities to mentor and serve current and future Howard students, Howard University Bookstore discounts, access to the historic Founders Library, discounted tickets to HUAA sponsored events and much more.

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