Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts is a Good Habit

As you continue to seek new ways to help your alma mater and its students thrive—whether through volunteering, fundraising or direct donations—remember that one of the most effective, yet underutilized paths to boosting University resources are: matching gift programs.

When giving online, just look for the matching gifts section on the online giving page to find your company or organization.

Matching gifts really do matter. Forgoing this benefit is like throwing away free money not to mention a great deal of missed opportunities.

Thousands of companies and organizations offer these widely accessible matching programs as an employee benefit. Matching gifts are an invaluable 1:1 match for every donation that companies use as an employee incentive to increase charitable giving to qualifying organizations. 1:1 means that simply choosing to participate in your company’s existing program will, for example, turn a $500 donation to Howard into $1,000 – doubling your original contribution and its impact upon the Capstone.

Think about what the University would be able to do if every donation received was doubled through matching gifts.

Your gift ensures the budgeted needs are met and will help us reach our goal of 10% alumni participation in the Annual Fund. 

Annual Fund gifts provide a pivotal role in the life of the University. Because of you:

  • top students had access to financial support to advance through school;
  • important symposiums, colloquiums, competitions and seminars were held;
  • life-changing scholarships and fellowships were awarded; and,
  • critical research projects were launched and/or completed.

In our efforts to move forward in a stronger position, I urge you to please remember two words when you make your Annual Fund donation: matching gifts.

Find out if your employer participates in matching gifts.

To contribute to the Annual Fund, please follow the instructions below. If you have questions, please e-mail or call (202) 238-2340 for immediate assistance during regular business hours.

To Give a Gift Online:

To Give a Gift by U.S. Mail, Please Mail to the Howard University Lockbox:

Howard University
P.O. Box 417853
Boston, MA 02241-7853

If your company does provide a matching gift claim form, please complete it and mail the form to: Development and Alumni Relations, 1851 9th Street NW, 3rd Floor, Washington, DC 20001 and we will do the rest. For questions about submitting your matching gift form offline, please contact Mrs. Rita Harrison at 202-238-2340.

Don’t forget, matching gifts count toward donor recognition levels. As long as the match amount is received by June 30, you will receive the additional Annual Fund credit for that fiscal year.